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I was fortunate to become acquainted with Frank South the author of this incredible book.  He has written an engaging, enlightened  and FUNNY  series of personal stories about his struggles and triumphs with AHDH.  He used my rooster painting on his cover.  I don’t know anyone who admits to having ADHD – but I laughed throughout and could appreciate his choice of the cover painting and title.  Thanks, Frank, for allowing me to participate in your book.  

Featured on Texas Public Radio

I was honored to be on Texas Public Radio this morning to help promote our Guadalupe Watercolor Group show at KACC – Kerr Arts and Culture Center.  Roy Holley has a program – “Talk About Texas”  radio show.  It airs every Saturday morning from 9:30 to 10:00 on KKYX 680 AM, a 50,000-watt San Antonio station with 100-county coverage.  Or to put it another way, Holley’s show can be heard in two out of every three Texas counties.  Tune into his show, and come out to the watercolor show in Kerrville.  If you are interested in my artwork, please go to click here to see my shop on etsy

Never say “never” I think at one time in my painting experience I said I would “never” paint landscapes. HA!!

And - so here I am.  Just felt the need to spread my wings and be a bit more creative than 
animals.  I took 3 classes from a wonderful teacher and painter on how to paint loose and colorful landscapes.
Here are a couple of my results - and yes - I am having fun!

Animals with a Watercolor Art-itude